Authorization for the Involuntary Withdrawl of Students For Psychiatric Reasons

Officers at both the Urbana-Champaign and the Chicago campuses must deal occasionally with individual students who exhibit sufficient mental disorder that they should be withdrawn involuntarily from the campus. Under present policies, involuntary withdrawal is limited to two situations: failure to achieve academically at the level stipulated by the college in which the student is enrolled, or on authority of a Senate committee on student discipline. For a student who exhibits severe emotional stress, existing procedures often are not sufficient. Indeed, addressing such situations through the machinery of student conduct and discipline or academic withdrawal may distort the problem, and may not provide the basic human concern required for the individual. Moreover, there are instances where the individual or family cannot be persuaded that the student should withdraw voluntarily.

Accordingly, authority is requested, under the conditions and procedures specified in the accompanying statement, to act administratively to withdraw a student involuntarily for psychiatric reasons. The policy statement, including procedural guidelines, has been developed to enable administrative officers, in consultation with qualified mental health professionals, to take appropriate action in a manner which respects both the rights of the individual and the needs of the campus community. (The statement is attached.)

The Chancellors at Urbana-Champaign and Chicago have recommended that such authority as described be granted. I concur and recommend the adoption of the accompanying statement of policy and procedures under which such authority would be exercised.

Any questions concerning this policy statement may be directed to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, 333-1300.

Attachment I: Policy Statement