Procedures for Student Emergency Services

This directive sets forth the procedures to be followed concerning deaths, accidents, injuries, illnesses, assaults, and other emergencies involving University of Illinois students.

  1. Death of a University Student

    In case of violent or sudden death of a University student, the coroner will notify the next of kin; however, if the student has been under the care of a physician, the physician will make this notification. Assistance in completing identification of the victim or in locating the next of kin normally will be provided by the Division of Public Safety.
    1. The University Police serve as the communications center for the University during emergencies. In addition to carrying out the Division of Public Safety policy, the police officer on duty will notify, as soon as possible, the Coordinator of Emergency Student Services or the Emergency Dean on call to provide that person with the pertinent facts and to indicate what action has already been taken.

      During Office Hours
      Associate Dean of Students
      Coordinator of Emergency Student Services (333-0050)

      Nights, Weekends and Holidays
      Emergency Dean listed on Voice Mail

    2. The Emergency Dean will contact the student's next of kin after the coroner or physician has made his or her notification; prepare a confidential report for the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and the Dean of Students; and monitor follow-up proceedings to insure complete cooperation between all parties concerned. This may include such functions as seeing to the assembling of the student's personal property, etc.

      The Emergency Dean will also notify the student's college and other appropriate offices and units for possible follow-up activities.

    3. The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs will send the official letter of condolence to the next of kin for all deceased students, with copies to the appropriate University administrators and to college officers. This letter serves as official notification of death to all those offices.
    4. The Recorder will withdraw the student's registration upon receipt of notification of death from the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.
    5. Upon receipt of the letter (C above), the Office of Business and Financial Services will arrange to cancel outstanding debts to the University. For programs which require death certificates, small estate affidavits, or letters testamentary, the Office of the Dean of Students will obtain copies and provide them to the appropriate offices.
  2. Accident, Injury, Illness, Assaults, Battery, or Rape of a University Student

    In emergency situations requiring hospitalization, local hospitals have been requested to notify the University Police of the student's admittance and condition.

    1. The University Police will perform the functions as outlined in Part I. A. of this directive (Death of a University Student). In all cases, the Emergency Dean will be notified.
    2. The Emergency Dean will:
      1. visit the student if immediate personal assistance seems to be needed;
      2. notify the person in charge of the student's residence (roommate(s), or spouse if married);
      3. prepare a confidential report for the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and the Dean of Students describing the situation, as known, and the actions that have been taken;
      4. in cases for which immediate or personal attention is not required, send a letter from the Dean of Students offering assistance;
      5. notify other departments, as appropriate; and
      6. inform the student's college of his or her absence, obtain accommodations for the family when so requested, and provide whatever assistance seems appropriate.
  3. Emergency Housing

    When fire, storm, or other causes render student housing uninhabitable, or unsafe, the Emergency Dean may be called upon to assist in securing housing for the students involved.

  4. Emergency Location Service

    When requested by appropriate family members or other proper authority, the Emergency Dean may be called upon to assist in locating students.

  5. Staff Members

    Staff members who learn that a student has been absent from campus for no known reason should so notify the Office of the Dean of Students (ODOS). The ODOS staff members in consultation with the Dean of Students will take appropriate action.