Request for Banner (Vexilla) Displays on Physical Facilities

Units anticipating the display of banners (vexilla) on physical facilities must obtain approval from the Facilities & Services (F&S) Planning Division prior to procuring and displaying.

Individual projects will be considered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Any eligible University organization interested in displaying vexilla in the Campus area should submit this completed request for banner display form along with a letter of application to the F&S Planning Division. Banner graphic design assistance may be obtained through the Office of Public Affairs, Creative Services Division, the F&S Planning Division or a design consultant; however each application must be approved by the Planning Division.

Requesting Organization Contact Information & Banner Description

Please describe the intended location of banners. A campus plan showing all street light pole locations is available for viewing:

  • Type of vexilla:   
  • Display dates

If the Requesting Organization has a design completed for proposed banners, a color copy representing such design shall be attached to this request. All banner designs shall be reviewed by the Planning Division/Architectural Review Committee prior to banner procurement.


By signing below, the Requesting Organization acknowledges it has reviewed the Approval Procedure for Banner (Vexilla) Displays and accepts all responsibilities defined in the General Terms and Conditions. Upon approval, the Requesting Organization is responsible for all cost associated with banner design, purchase, production, installation, repair, removal and replacement. Banner size will be as determined by the parameters set forth according to pole height at the requested location.

Requesting Organization Representative


Approved, Architectural Review Committee


The Planning Division shall review and approve, approve with modification or deny approval of applications within thirty (30) calendar days of submittal.