Low Voltage Media Installation

Campus units planning to install low voltage media should contact Campus Information Technologies and Educational Services for coordination and implementation.

Campus Information Technologies and Educational Services (CITES) is responsible for the coordination and implementation of all on-campus low voltage media installations. That Office provides groups with a single point of contact for all installation of intra-building and/or inter-building wiring for telephone and data service.

Actual installation of low voltage media may be performed by CITES or external contractors as the availability of staff and appropriate skills allow. In all cases, however CITES will be responsible for the timely completion of a given installation. Further, it will insure the integration of a unit's individual installation with other campus facilities and future campus networking plans.

Activities for which units should contact CITES include the following:

  1. Installation of additional telephone facilities.
  2. Installation of special information circuits and other building systems which convey information including voice, data, video, control and audio.
  3. Installation of Local Area Networks. Assistance with evaluation, selection and design of Local Area Networks is available from CITES.
  4. Connection of departmental equipment to campus or university backbone network facilities including the CSA broadband coax and fiber optic systems and AITS networks.
  5. Telecommunication installation guidelines for all new construction or remodeling projects. (See Guidelines for CITES Installations in New and Remodeled Space - Campus Administrative Manual Section VII/C - 1)

Consulting, planning and coordination activities will be provided at no cost to the unit. Installation will be charged to the unit on a time and material basis. All requests for service should be directed to Customer Service, CITES, 1608 Presidential Tower, 302 E. John Street, Champaign, 333-1161.

Requests pertaining exclusively to Local Area Networking (LAN) and connections to the Campus UIUC Network should be directed to the Network Design Office, 1120 Digital Computer Lab, 244-1600. Some campus units, with high levels of expertise in data wiring at the intra-building level, frequently have requirements to reconform their internal networks expeditiously. These groups, at their option, may install and maintain the intra-building data wiring. However, such installations will be separate and independent from the Campus telecommunications distribution system, i.e., without access to information outlets, conduits and floor distribution closets. Access to common lay-in cable trays along hallways is allowed. Any harm or disturbances to other networks, traceable to user installed wiring, will require the offending network to be disconnected until the problem has been corrected and restitution for repairs made.

Questions concerning this policy should be directed to the Director of CITES, 1608 Presidential Tower, 302 E. John Street, Champaign, 244-1899.