Retention and Confiscation of Permanent Student Identification

Only false or altered student identification cards or cards that indicate on a reader that the card has been reported lost, stolen or replaced, or inappropriate use of a card should be confiscated or retained by colleges, departments, or administrative units.

College, departments, or administrative units should not keep a student's permanent identification card in their possession unless it has been falsified or used by another individual, in which case it should be confiscated. Also, if a card reader indicates the card has been lost, stolen or replaced, it should be confiscated.

If the identification card is retained by an office, the student will be without valid means of identification. Therefore, if the card is to be retained as collateral for an item which the student has borrowed, it should be returned to the student the same day. The college, department, or administrative office loaning equipment should collect information necessary to bill the student through the Office of Business and Financial Services if the equipment is not returned by the due date rather than retaining the student's identification card for more than a few hours.

An identification card which has been falsified or otherwise altered or a card in the possession of an individual other than the student to which it was issued, should be taken from the user and forwarded to the ID Center, 809 S. Wright Street, MC-378, along with a definitive statement of the circumstances which led to the confiscation including true identities of individuals involved, if known. The identification card and related information will be forwarded to Discipline and/or the University Police for investigation, where appropriate.

Further questions concerning this policy statement should be directed to the i-card Programs Office, (217) 265-6464.