Resignation/Separation Form

The Resignation/Separation form is required to accompany the final Change of Status (COS) form when a faculty or academic professional staff member separates for any reason from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Campus.

The Resignation/Separation form is required to accompany all final Change of Status forms for faculty and academic professionals leaving the University, even when the appointment simply expires. Although this form can replace letters of resignation or retirement, units are still encouraged to submit them if they are available. The Resignation/Separation form should not be used for academic staff members who are transferring between departments. Also, a new attachment to the Resignation/Separation form, Additional Information for Employees Separating from the University of Illinois, should also be given to each academic employee completing the Resignation/Separation form.

Staff members will find helpful information about benefits termination on the back of their copy of the Resignation/Separation form. The information pertaining to the amount of sick leave and vacation benefits they will receive upon termination and the additional information on the new attachment will also be helpful. In addition, units should be aware of the section concerning the return of University property, as well as the question regarding recommendation of emeritus/emeriti status for faculty members.

The Resignation/Separation form should be attached to the final COS form and sent to the Office of Academic Human Resources once the final vacation and sick leave balances are known. The Resignation/Separation form attachment should be given to each academic employee whose appointment is terminating. The three-part Resignation/Separation form with its attachment may be purchased from Central Stores as a unit.