Summary of Benefits by Appointment Category

Removed: May 19, 2016

The attached chart briefly summarizes major benefits for campus staff members. The four appointment categories included are defined below.

The following chart summarizes benefits for members of the four appointment categories at Urbana-Champaign (i.e., faculty, academic professional, graduate assistant, and civil service staff). These categories are defined below. For more complete information about benefits and specific eligibility requirements for faculty and academic professional staff members, consult the relevant section of the Academic Staff Handbook or call the Office of Academic Human Resources (333-6747). The benefits on this chart are established by law or University policy and are subject to modification from time to time. Visiting and part-time faculty and academic professional staff members may be eligible for most of these benefits depending on the length and percentage of their appointments except as noted. Graduate students with appointments should consult the Graduate Student Handbook which may be obtained from the Graduate College (333-0035). General employment information for members of the civil service staff may be obtained from the Staff Staff Human Resources Office (333-2143).

Definition of Appointment Categories

Faculty: The faculty includes (1) those in the professional ranks (i.e., professor, associate professor, assistant professor); (2) instructors and lecturers; and (3) teaching, research, and clinical associates. Various prefixes may be used in conjunction with these ranks, such as adjunct, clinical, visiting, or research.

Academic Professional (A/P): Academic professionals are those employees whose positions have been designated by the president and the chancellor as meeting specialized administrative, professional, or technical needs. Academic professional employees receive an academic contract issued by the Board of Trustees for a term appointment. They are accorded the rights and privileges pertaining to other academic staff members except those that apply specifically to academic staff with faculty rank, such as eligibility for tenure.

Graduate Assistant (G/A): Assistants are students with appointments which include teaching, research, clinical assistants, and graduate assistants.

Civil Service Staff (Staff): Civil service employees are those members of the University staff who are subject to the rules of the State Universities Civil Service System.

See the Summary of Benefits Chart (PDF).